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Aerial application using drones

Unmanned, fully or partially automated systems are increasingly gaining interest in the agricultural sector in the course of precision farming. Drones can not only provide information regarding properties of the soil or condition of plants, but since 2013 they can also be used to apply our TRICHOSAFE®– capsules.

The use of drones ensures even distribution of capsules in the field, allowing effortless operation even in unreachable and uneven terrain.

Operation principle and the course of the application process

In the market, there is an increasing number of service providers offering aerial application. In order to obtain more information, please contact us and we will help you find a contractor in your region.

Because aerial application is a relatively young technology, BIOCARE commenced a certification process in 2016.

The steps of the certification are as follows:

  • Inspection of the technical condition of the drone and the ejecting mechanism

    • Can the device ensure precise application?
    • Visual inspection and presentation of the system (this inspection does not replace technical support for the device)
  • Training of the operator in the field of professional operations of TRICHOSAFE® in beads:

    1. TRICHOSAFE® in beads
      • Structure
      • Operation principle
      • Biological properties of Trichogramma
    1. Significant factors for application
      • Right application time
      • Right dosage / distribution
      • Special conditions regarding aerial application
    1. Proper handling of the product
      • Storage
      • Principles of proceeding
      • Special features

It must be remembered that proper and effective application depends significantly on the abilities of the drone operator. Instructions offered by BIOCARE ensure acquisition of basic abilities to successfully use Trichogramma against Ostrinia nubilalis.

It is recommended that the operator of the device is familiar with the principles of using TRICHOSAFE® -capsules as much as with operating the drone.

Area efficiency:
Area efficiency in distributing the product using a drone depends on the model and the size of field being treated. In 2015 the average daily efficiency was at the level of approx. 70 ha.

Aerial application using ultralight aircrafts

Distributing TRICHOSAFE® – capsules using ultralight aircrafts is practiced at a local scale -mainly by farms which already have this kind of equipment and which are not discouraged by a long certification procedure for the aircraft to be allowed for use.

Area efficiency:
Area efficiency in distributing the product using ultralight aircrafts can be up to 300 ha / day.

Aerial distribution using helicopters

Mechanical application using helicopters is currently only practiced in France. In the majority of other countries this solution is very difficult to implement due to legal reasons.

In France there are two service providers operating in this sector.

Area efficiency:
Depending on the system and the size of field being treated, helicopters can reach application efficiency up to 500 ha / day.