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ATTRACAP® : Protection against Wireworms

ATTRACAP®  are granules aimed at limiting the infestation of wireworms (Agriotes sp.)  in potato cultivation in the event of low and average infection.

ATTRACAP® has been approved in Germany and Luxembourg for distribution and use in accordance with art. 53 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the European Council (EC) no. 1107/2009 in the period from 15th February 2019 to 14th June 2019. The product is intended to be used for potato cultivation only in areas threatened with infection on 3.500 ha.

In recent years there has been a significant increase of economic losses caused by Agriotes spp. infection in potato cultivation. Agriotes spp. larvae bite deeply into potatoes. Apart from feeding damages, their susceptibility to fungal and bacterial infections, such as Dry Core, is increased.

Quality is decreased to an extent that makes marketing of the crops partially impossible. A low damage threshold, at the level of 5% in the case of fresh market potatoes, results in high economic losses for the farmer even at a low level of infestation.

ATTRACAP® manufactured by BIOCARE is a modern biological insecticide developed within the BLE “ATTRACT” project (project no.: 2814702011) and EU “INBIOSOIL” research project (project no.: 282767) with participation of Prof. Dr. Vidal, Uni Göttingen, and Prof. Dr. Patel, FH Bielefeld, and their research teams. More information on the ATTRACT project is available here.

ATTRACAP® contains both an attractant (CO2) for Agriotes spp., and a fungus isolated in Germany – Metarhizium brunneumwith entomopathogenic properties. This fungus occurs throughout the world in the soil and it is commonly applied in biological control agents. After the granules absorb moisture from the soil, the production process of the attracting agent and the growing of the fungus spores out of the granules begin. Attracted Agriotes spp. are infected after contact with the fungus and they die after several days depending on temperature and soil conditions.

Capsules are spread directly during planting using a spreader for granules checked by JKI and mixed into an open furrow. Depending on weather and region this takes place between March and the beginning of May.

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Biological and effective

The “Attract-and-kill” strategy against the wireworm!

Easy usage

Quick and easy spreading!

Protection from the very beginning

Spreading takes place during planting!

Efficacy of wireworm pest control

FAQ regarding ATTRACAP®

When is it recommended to use ATTRACAP® ?

It is recommended to use ATTRACAP® in the case of light to average Agriotes spp. infection.

At the moment no tests have been conducted regarding its application in young potatoes. In the case of late potatoes it is possible to achieve an efficacy level of 60%.

How and when should ATTRACAP® be spread?

ATTRACAP® is spread in early spring when potatoes are planted, using the lane application method in the planting furrow.

Spreading should be conducted using a spreader for granules equipped with:

  • separate turn-off system for the dosing module
  • tight closing lid
  • downpipe placed as straight as possible in relation to the application coulter.

The list of appropriate and currently available devices can be found on the main page of Julius-Kühn-Institut (

The dosing device of the spreader should be turned off in advance, while at least 4 minutes before reaching the headland in order to ensure complete coverage of granules.

Granules spread on the soil surface should be immediately collected and additionally plowed.

Where can I purchase ATTRACAP® ?

ATTRACAP® is available in the trade network of agricultural products.