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Ball thrower

In order to provide farmers with a cost-efficient and effective solution to spread  TRICHOSAFE®-capsules, BIOCARE developed, within a ZIM research project, a pneumatic spreader in the form of an implement, which can be exploited with field machines or agricultural aircrafts. More information about the research project can be read here.

The ball thrower successfully passed official testing and since 2013, it has been applied achieving great results in practice. Is the ball thrower mounted on a light stilt tractor with a working width of 25m, at a velocity of 10km/h one hectare is applied in 2,4 min (plus set-up time).

Advantages of ball thrower – application

  • High application precision

  • Documentation of applied TRICHOSAFE®

    • Saving on flash storage media
    • Easy operation using a touch panel
  • No need to apply water – with positive side effects!

    • Lower soil compaction
    • Lower fuel consumption
    • Reduced wear
    • Saving time (no need for a separate vehicle with water, no downtime related to filling up the water tank, no need for time-consuming rinsing after application)
  • Easy handling of unused residual quantities

  • No distance requirements near running waters

  • The product is safe to use for the farmer

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