BIOCARE is a certified member of the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association

innovative through research

    About us

    BIOCARE Gesellschaft für biologische Schutzmittel mbH is a medium sized business, which was founded in 1995 in Einbeck.  By producing biological products in an environmentally friendly manner, BIOCARE GmbH aims at promoting a sustainable agriculture and most of all at ensuring healthy foods free of any residues.

    1995Founding of the company by Wilhelm Beitzen-Heineke
    1997Expanding production capacity by creating automated productions lines for the TRICHOSAFE® product in cards, with the support of Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) [German Federal Environmental Foundation]
    2001Introduction of a new developed TRICHOSAFE® – capsules
    2002Expanding production by leasing additional production space in Hullersen
    2003BIOCARE enters the European market
    2011Introduction of newly designed mechanical ball thrower used for spreading the TRICHOSAFE® – capsules
    2012Acquisition of a new production facility in, and moving the main production line to, Markoldendorf
    2014First successful use of drones to distribute TRICHOSAFE® – capsules
    2014Awarded the Innovation Prize of Middle Germany for fully automating the production line of cellulose-capsules using the deep-draw method
    2014Application of the TRICHOSAFE® products on over 100,000 ha
    2015As Elisa Beitzen-Heineke joins the company, BIOCARE is now a family buisness.
    2016Expanding the production line by introducing a newly develeoped biological product ATTRACAP® which is used to fight wireworms in potato farming