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Agricultural production plants cultivating on especially large acreages promote application of TRICHOSAFE® in fully biodegradable capsules. For many years this form of carrier has proven itself in manual application – and increasingly frequently – in mechanical application. The product is applied depending on the scope of application once, twice or in combination with TRICHOSAFE® cards.

In TRICHOSAFE® capsules there are parasitized Sitotroga eggs at various stages of development and non-parasitized eggs of the host. Thanks to that Trichogramma hatch in six waves and integrated mini-cultivation takes place. This assures an effective period of the product for up to 3 weeks.

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Reliable quality

It has been proven for more than 20 years in practice!

Effective application

Thanks to low weight it is perfect for effective large-area distribution using a tractor with an enhanced uptake and aircrafts.

100% biological

A carrier made of cellulose and paraffin which is fully biodegradable under field conditions!

Information regarding application of TRICHOSAFE® capsules

Application of TRICHOSAFE® capsules can take place manually, mechanically using a spreader installed on a tractor with an enhanced uptake or aerially using drones, ultralight aircrafts or helicopters.

Instructions for manual application can be found here:

For mechanical spreading it is recommended to use a ball thrower developed by BIOCARE, which can be easily aggregated with a stilt tractor. With a velocity of 10km/h spreading capsules on an area of 1ha only takes 2.4 minutes (plus setup time).

To spread capsules using an aircraft, in Germany it is recommended to use drones. If you are interested in this option, you should contact a sales representative who will coordinate the drone-application with us.

FAQ regarding TRICHOSAFE® capsules

How do I know, which dosage I need?

When using TRICHOSAFE® it is about releasing a large amount of beneficial organisms. Therefore, a great number of Trichogramma (from 110,000 to 220,000 organisms per hectare) are distributed.

In the event of low infestation of silage corn, one-time application of 220,000 organisms/ha (1 x 30 cards of TRICHOSAFE® per hectare) is sufficient.

In the event of slightly stronger infestation, in particular of grain maize, it is recommended to divide the amount into two and apply the product at an interval of 14 days in order to extend protection for as long as possible. It is recommended to apply 2 x 50 cards of TRICHOSAFE® or 2 × 100 capsules of TRICHOSAFE® per hectare.

In the case of areas with two generations, infestation should be combated by applying TRICHOSAFE® three times in large amounts. If you have any doubts concerning the choice of the right form of product, please contact us! We will be happy to advise you!

What should be taken into account applying the product in capsules?

The following requirements should be taken into account:

  • Protect the material from high temperatures
  • Protect the material from moisture
  • Protect the material from smoke (cigarettes) or chemical steam (also CO2)
  • Protects the capsules from crushing

How to apply TRICHOSAFE capsules?

TRICHOSAFE® capsules can be applied as follows:

  • Manual application
  • Mechanical application using a ball thrower developed by BIOCARE
  • Aerial application using drones, ultralight aircrafts or helicopters.

Is TRICHOSAFE also allowed to be used in ecological agriculture?

Yes! TRICHOSAFE® is included on the list of production products of the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture [Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau] (FiBL) and it can be used without limitations. Because of the fact that the active substance is an insect, there are no safety measures regarding people applying the product required and no grace periods.