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Sitotroga: Food for beneficial organisms

For reproduction of our BIOCARE Trichogramma, we use eggs of the grain moth Sitotroga cerealella. The process of reproducing Sitotroga eggs is conducted at our company all year long.

Apart from using them for reproduction of Trichogramma, eggs of Sitotroga cerealella can also be used as host eggs or food for the cultivation of various other kinds of beneficials.

They also include Chrysoperla carnea, used to combat aphids in greenhouses, and many other beneficial organisms, such as Macrolophus spp, Nesidiocoris tenuis or Orius spp. We also deliver Sitotroga eggs for the needs of laboratories and other research centers.

Sitotroga eggs offered by us are available in the following versions:


  • Eggs are sent immediately after cleaning
  • They can be used both as host eggs or food for beneficial organisms
  • Sitotroga can still hatch from the eggs

Fresh and UVC sterilized

  • After cleaning, eggs undergo sterilization by UVC radiation and are then sent to customers
  • Sterilization process eliminates the possibility of Sitotroga hatching
  • They can be used as eggs for beneficial organisms


  • After cleaning eggs are frozen
  • Sitotroga cannot develop anymore
  • They can be used as food for beneficial organisms

Advantages of  Sitotroga eggs BIOCARE


  • Production and delivery throughout the year

  • High quality Made in Germany

  • Product is adjusted to individual customer’s needs

  • It allows cost-efficient mass reproduction of beneficial organisms