Particularly large farms rely on the fully biodegradable TRICHOSAFE® spheres. This packaging has proven itself for several years in manual dispensing and increasingly also in mechanical distribution. Depending on the area of application, distribution is carried out once, twice or in combination with the TRICHOSAFE® tags. Official tests have shown that both packaging variants have the same effect.

The TRICHOSAFE® spheres contain Sitotroga eggs parasitized by ichneumon flies in various stages of development, as well as non-parasitized host eggs. The ichneumon flies thus hatch in six hatching waves, whereby a duration of action of up to three weeks is achieved.

Proven quality

Proven in practice for many years!

Efficient output

Its low weight makes it ideal for large-scale and efficient distribution/output with stilt tractors and aircraft.

100% organic

The pulp and paraffin packaging is fully biodegradable under field conditions.