What is the recommended method for applying TRICHOSAFE® in the field?
Three application options are described in detail below.

Manual application

Manual application is a fast and easy way of distributing TRICHOSAFE® cards and TRICHOSAFE® capsules. With this method, it is possible to achieve the product application rate of up to 2 ha per hour.
Additional information about the manual application technique is available here (link to TRICHOSAFE® cards and TRICHOSAFE®capsules) .

Application from the air via flying robots (multicopters, drones)

Since 2013, TRICHOSAFE® capsules have been successfully distributed in the fields using flying robots. The use of flying robots ensures uniform application of capsules in the field. Consequently, the product can be used without any problems even in areas that are rugged or difficult to reach. In 2015, the average daily area of application achieved with flying robots was 70 ha, though it depends to a considerable degree on the model of the flying robot and the surface area of the fields where the treatment is used.
There is a growing number of commercial providers offering the application of plant protection products from the air. If you are interested in this method of application, please contact us for information about contractors providing such services in a selected region.
Due to the fact that an efficient and effective application depends to a large extent on the skills of the multicopter operator, we offer a training opportunity, during which we provide trainees with basic knowledge on how to use Trichogramma wasps for the effective management of ECB populations.

Capsule spreader

As part of the research project ZIM, Biocare developed a pneumatic spreader in the form of an implement for the distribution of product capsules. The main aim of the spreader design was to provide farmers with an economical and efficient solution for distributing TRICHOSAFE® capsules in the field. The advantages of the capsule spreader include precise application, easy operation, lack of distance restrictions, and safe use by farmers.

If you are interested in this method of application, please contact us.