ATTRACAP® application technology

Wireworms attracted by CO2 become infected with fungal spores, and die within several days. In addition, infected wireworms further spread the fungus in the soil. Used every year, the product offers an opportunity to maintain wireworm populations at low levels on a long-term basis.

ATTRACAP® in potato cultivation

ATTRACAP® is applied at potato planting time in the spring, in a single operation, as a linear in-furrow treatment. Application should be performed with a granule spreader. An updated list of approved compatible devices is available on the homepage of the Julius Kühn Institute (

ATTRACAP® in asparagus cultivation

ATTRACAP® is recommended for asparagus production in areas with mild to moderate levels of wireworm infestation. The optimum application period is between March and April. The ridges are levelled, so that asparagus plants are approximately 10–15 cm below the surface. Granules are spread on the levelled ridges and then backfilled in the same operation. A good level of soil moisture and warm soil temperatures enhance the efficacy of the product.