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Trichogramma brassicae against Ostrinia nubilalis

The ichneumon fly Trichogramma brassicae is a natural enemy of european corn borer and other Hymenoptera insects. Applying Trichogramma at the appropriate time ensures parasitization of eggs of Ostrinia nubilalis, and thus its efficient control.


Sitotroga-Eggs: Ideal for breeding of beneficials

As host eggs and food for the cultivation of beneficial organisms for biological plant protection, BIOCARE produces the eggs of the angoumois grain moth (Sitotroga cerealella) throughout the year – also for the needs of laboratories and research centers.

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ATTRACAP®: Best protection against wireworms

In potato cultivation, economic losses due to wireworm infestation have been significantly increasing. ATTRACAP® by BIOCARE is an innovative biological insecticide to control wireworms, based on the Attract-and-Kill strategy.

Controlling Ostrinia nubilalis with biological methods

Each year, the European Corn Borer (Ostrinia nubilalis) causes substantial damage in corn fields. The result: Loss in revenue and in quality due to high mycotoxin contents. Trichogramma brassicae is an extraordinary efficient natural enemy of the Corn Borer.

Our Service for you:

The appropriate application time of TRICHOSAFE® is established based on flight of Ostrinia nubilalis. In order to determine the flight, and therefore establish the beginning of oviposition of Ostrinia nubilalis, light traps and pheromones traps can be used.

Easy application of TRICHOSAFE®-Products

In order to distribute Trichogramma in the fields, BIOCARE offers proven product variants: TRICHOSAFE® – capsules and TRICHOSAFE® – cards. Apart from manual application of both products, it is also possible to apply TRICHOSAFE® – capsules using a ball thrower or by air.